Primewaste Recycling Limited

source link Primewaste recycling limited is a social enterprise that currently collects waste plastic (PET bottles, pure water sachet etc.) and other recyclables like aluminium cans, papers (old newspapers, old textbooks, cardboard, cartons etc.), tires, and glass bottles, and transforms them into flakes or bales, which are then supplied to off-takers/recyclers for use in the manufacture of various other products. This is done alongside with environmental sustainability and relevant SDGs enlightenment campaigns across communities, educational and religious institutions with focus on the 3Rs: Reuse, Recycle and Reduce. Read More

here From CEO

Welcome to Primewaste recycling limited, Lagos home of waste recycling and leader-in Nigeria’s green revolution. At Primewaste, we are committed to transforming waste to value! With an increasing demand to rid our environment of non-biodegradable waste materials, we have made a commitment to making Lagos state safer and cleaner, most especially from PET plastic waste, one-recyclable-at-a-time.

get link We are passionate about providing high quality purified recycled products at very competitive prices to meet our customers’ needs and expectations, giving us that competitive edge in the market. We are strongly committed to demonstrating that recycling reduces hazards to nature and the environment, while lowering production costs and creating jobs at all levels.

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