About Us

get link Primewaste recycling limited is a social enterprise that currently collects waste plastic (PET bottles, pure water sachet etc.) and other recyclables like aluminium cans, papers (old newspapers, old textbooks, cardboard, cartons etc.), tires, and glass bottles, and transforms them into flakes or bales, which are then supplied to off-takers/recyclers for use in the manufacture of various other products. This is done alongside with environmental sustainability and relevant SDGs enlightenment campaigns across communities, educational and religious institutions with focus on the 3Rs: Reuse, Recycle and Reduce.

Primewaste intends to serve the manufacturing and packaging industry subsector as a major raw material hub with the capacity to meet demand, manage cost and run sustainably and efficiently. In essence, Primewaste seamlessly integrates itself into the manufacturing and packaging industry by repurposing waste and creating opportunities.

We are most excited about the world of recycling which has no bounds, even as we continually work to innovate and create new ways of recycling and research into other finished products in whole or part. We therefore welcome your partnership and cooperation as we journey towards an eco-friendly future with better environmental sustainability.

Our business operations span from the collection of both post-industrial and post-consumer recyclables, to sorting according to grade and type, cleansing and preparation, crushing into flakes or baling and sale of the flakes/bales to other manufacturers or re-users.